Final Plan the Next 5 Years

The Next 5 Years

Personal Reflection

There have been so many activities and lessons learned as I have been a fellow in this program that I can’t keep them to myself.  For that reason it is my goal to set up visits amongst staff members where I can observe them teaching and they can observe teaching.  I would like to give my colleagues suggestions on how to STEM up their lessons and they can observe me in action using what I have learned about STEM for the MSU program.

Planning for long term, I would like to hold monthly Professional Development opportunities at my school to long term plan for training and planning in STEM.  My school is a STEM school and we still have a long way to go.  Since joining the MSUrbanSTEM Fellowship I have learned so many ways to incorporate STEM and also getting a deeper understanding of what STEM really in that my colleagues could benefit from.  Another long term goal that I have is opening up my own STEM school for middle school students.  I want to break boundaries where students once were sitting down using textbooks to learn to have students experiencing learning through field experiences and hands on lessons so they are not only learning but also making connections to how that learning is useful in the real world.


Northwestern University Office of STEM Education hosts numerous professional development opportunities for free for teachers.  Find out more information at

Northern Illinois University STEM Outreach brings professional development workshop opportunities into schools. Find out more information at

NSTA has an abundance of books, resources, and professional development opportunities throughout the entire school year for teachers.  Find out more information at

Listen to Rob Stephenson as he explains STEM education and instructional strategies that he incorporates in his STEM classroom through a TEDx Talk video found at

Listen to Tom Dubick speak on STEM teachers sit down! Socrates is dead through his Tedx Talk video found at

Personal Learning Network

MSUrbanSTEM Facebook

Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network that is categorized by professional field and connects you with individuals who share a common field of interests with yourself.  This can be accessed through

CPS Edmodo is a safe way for educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents, and each other.  Access can be found at


Golden Apple is a foundation that celebrates, inspires, and supports education and they can be found on twitter at


The Educator’s PLN is a website used by educators around the world gain access to ideas and resources from each other.  This can be found at



Potential Funding Sources

Support a classroom.  Build a future at Donors Choose

Get EDFunding is a free grant resource that helps educators find funding.  Find them at

Teaching Channel has resources for federal and state funding as well as tips on how to write grants.  You can find them at

Edutopia has a list of educational grants and resources for educators and can be found at

TeachersCount has a list of available grants as well as qualifications and deadlines for each grant.  They can be found at