Setting Goals: Instrumental and Missional Thinking

Setting Goals: Instrumental and Missional Thinking

Goal setting is something that I do on a weekly basis since I want students to always aim for things, I too aim for small things such as setting aside at least 30 minutes in my day just for me.  Two short term goals that I have for myself is including 6th and 7th grade in my ImagineIT project because both grade levels have been learning about Earth and ecosystems which is closely related to my 8th graders project.  Another short term goal that I would like to set is setting up short pop in visits amongst staff members to help staff STEM up their lessons.  There have been so many activities and lessons learned as I have been a fellow in this program that I can’t keep them to myself.

Planning for long term, I would like to hold monthly Professional Development opportunities at my school to long term plan for training and planning in STEM.  My school is a STEM school and we still have a long way to go as a school in STEM.  Since joining the MSUrbanSTEM Fellowship I have learned so many ways to incorporate STEM and also getting a deeper understanding of what STEM really is that my colleagues could benefit from.  Another long term goal that I have is opening up my own STEM school for middle school students.  I want to break boundaries where students are sitting down using textbooks to learn to have students experiencing learning through field experiences and hands on lessons so they are not only learning but making connections to how that learning is useful in the real world.

My short term goals are closely related to my long term goals but thinking on more of a missional thinking scale my goals build upon each other.  Teachers need to learn how to prepare our students to be 21st Century learners and through experience and training we can teach students that can then go on to teach the next generation and so on.