ImagineIT Timeline


This semester I plan on getting students reenergized about their work with the ImagineIT project. I started off the ImagineIT project with a video introducing my students to the project and I plan on starting this semester off the same way with another video introducing the ImagineIT project but this time I will use pictures of the students and the work that they have created thus far to get them interested in finishing the project. In order to make the project grow, we first need to secure the land for our garden. I have reached out to the alderman in the neighborhood and will have to do better at following up with securing the lot. The idea is to bring the community together so getting the community involved with securing donations for materials to build the garden will be the plan for this semester. My wildest hopes for the project during this round of implementation is to actually have the garden built by the time my students graduate from 8th grade in June. I think that it would be great to see their hard work pay off but at the same time it would be great to also get everything started to even build the garden!



Timeline of events for ImagineIT Project Spring Semester
Date Event
February 8, 2016 Video presentation
February 19, 2016 Follow up email/call to Alderman
February 29, 2016 Students will write proposals to Menards, Home Depot, and Garden Nursery to help secure donations
March 11, 2016 Meet with community at the school to discuss ways in which the community can become involved with the peace garden and have members sign up to work in specific areas with the garden.
April 11, 2016 Start building the garden with the help of the community
May 27, 2016 Opening of the community peace garden and dedication service