Deep Play Group PD and Newsletter

Professional Development


  • Introduction of topic STEM as related to Problem Based Learning and Science through Nature
  • Examples of teachers implementing STEM through problem based learning in the community and science through nature using websites,, and
  • Go over resources available (images, lesson plans, videos)
  • Guided development of problem based lesson (finding a problem that students are faced with on a daily basis, coming up with a plan on how to solve that problem, finding resources available to bring in community members, and final problem).
  • Q&A

Identify learning outcomes

  • Increased knowledge in STEM
  • Increased knowledge in problem-based learning
  • Developed problem based lesson
  • Understanding of the effectiveness of problem based learning
  • Understand the role of nature and community as it relates to students

Establish the enduring value of your topic (provide grounding research)

Create the resources needed to deliver the professional development

Site all of your sources used (images, videos, articles, etc.)

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