Phase 4

Two problems that I anticipate with my ImagineIT Project and how I plan to solve them are as follows:

Teaching in an Urban Settings

The area that I teach in is a poverty stricken area.  There are corner stores on just about every corner that sell potato chips, juice, candy, pop, etc.  My students come to school on a daily basis eating this junk from breakfast to lunch.  There are also fast food restaurants surrounding the area from McDonalds, Harold’s Chicken, to JJ Fish.  All of these restaurants sell fried food with preservatives.  To sum it up, the students live in a food desert and the purpose of the project is to bring healthy food into the neighborhood not only for the students, but for the community.

Because of the community that the students live in, I feel as though when we plant the food, if we do not have some sort of security feature in place and a system for distributing the food, the community members will steal all of the crops.  Our school has a small garden in the front of the school and the very first year that students planted vegetables and plants in the garden they were stolen just when they began to grow.  To solve this problem, the students and I have come up with a solution.  We plan to build a structure like a greenhouse where others can look in and admire the fruits, and vegetables that are growing but to have a door that can be locked so that we are the only ones that will have access to the food growing in the garden. When the food is ready to be distributed, the students will distribute the food to the community. By doing it this way, we are letting the community know that they are invited to sit in the peace garden to take in some peace, but when it comes down to the food that is growing there, we want everyone to benefit from the crops growing in the garden.





The students that I teach all have different home environments.  Some of my students come from single parent homes, two parent homes, no parent homes so they are raised by a different family member or same sex parent homes.  Some of the students are very high in their academics, some of them are average in their academics and some of them are very low in their academics.  The problem that I anticipate when it comes to my students is one student in particular who comes from a home where she is being raised by her sick grandmother and she is a diverse learner.  This student has an older brother who is also a diverse learner.  Although the grandmother tries to make sure that the student’s work gets done, there is not a lot of help at home to support her learning needs.

In order to help support my student when it comes to this situation that she is faced with, I plan to use graphic organizers with the lessons on plants and the technology design process so her learning is being scaffold.  I also plan to buddy her up with a partner so that during the brainstorming phase she has someone who she can bounce ideas off and get help in the process so that she still has a voice and hand in the project.  I want all of the students to feel supported and also help with every aspect of the community garden because this is not just a project for a grade, this is a life experience that can save their lives and show them that they can make a difference.