Future Forward Exemplars

Franklin & Marshall college was mentioned by Selingo (2013) as being well positioned for the future because of adopted strategies demonstrated by the degrees that the school awards. This institution had three tabs: Explore, Experience, and Engage that put me in the mind of the classroom when students are put in the position to be in charge of their own learning. Students are given the opportunity to explore, then research and experience with hands on activities and finally engage and connect with a group of peers to talk and collaborate about the experience to gain more knowledge from peers instead of the teacher.

Under explore is a description about the college which validates my thoughts as the school focuses on a hands-on education where the student have opportunities to apply what was learned in the classroom to help the community and the world (Franklin & Marshall, 2017). This strategy is what positions this institution for the future as students are more in control of their learning through a more student-centered approach (Prensky, 2012). What set this school apart from other higher education institutions were the small classroom sizes, the hands on experiences and the international learning that occurs as students study abroad, which could possibly be replicated by other institutions on a smaller scale with particular majors if the school could not afford to replicate school wide Franklin & Marshall, 2017).

I chose Franklin & Marshall because when you visit the homepage there is an ambiance of welcome that is enhanced by the words, “We want you here (Franklin & Marshall, 2017).” While scrolling down the page, I was intrigued to stop and watch a video of a current student because it made the page more personal to hear a testimony of what the school has done in the life of this student and I could possibly feel the same way if I enrolled. The student spoke of the hands on experiences of working along side a professor in the field that he was studying which made me feel as though I would not only learn at this institution but I would get a chance to experience and apply what I was learning in the process.



Franklin & Marshall. (2017). Retrieved from https://www.fandm.edu

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century learning. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Selingo, J. J. (2013). College (un)bound: The future of higher education and what it

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3 thoughts on “Future Forward Exemplars

  1. It is great to find institutions which focus on developing the learner through innovative instructional improvements. Franklin & Marshall appears to have developed great on-campus programs, along with internship and study-abroad opportunities to enhance the changes that the institution has made to instruction. Student engaging in research with faculty is of growing popularity which offers students a fantastic experience to do what each would be doing in the future. These opportunities are sure to attract a new and diverse student population for Franklin & Marshall.


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  2. Valia,
    Franklin & Marshall College (2016a) provided actions steps, which distinguishes the college toward reaching one of the goals that stated, “the College will develop new structures to promote reflective and cross-disciplinary curricular study” (para. 1). The ability to replicate the students’ as the primary contributors to the learning experience can occur by the accrediting bodies developing a rubric by which students can measure progress during innovative practices and research (Bischel, 2013). Another way to scale student-made majors is to update teaching standards as an expert guide through the learning experience. The standards will communicate the professor’s guidance role, which includes such avenues as the number of times a teacher meets with the student, along with how often the use of rubric measurements are in place to ensure student progress.
    Bischel, J. (2013, June). The state of e-learning in higher education: An eye toward growth and increased access. Retrieved from https://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ers1304/ ERS1304.pdf
    Franklin & Marshall College. (2016a). Priorities: Action steps. Retrieved from http://www.fandm.edu/about/strategic-priorities/enhance-our-teaching-and-learning-tradition/action-steps

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  3. It sounds like Franklin and Marshall have done a good job making visitors to their web page feel welcome and intrigued by what they offer. I would think that a person who is interested in online learning would be technologically savvy and would expect a premium quality web site when they explore their online choices. I would also think that the online learner would expect all of their questions to be answered online rather than having to “call for more information”. I find it difficult to have time to make a phone call, and sometimes, to be honest, I just want to learn about something without a high pressure sales pitch. Learning all I can online is very convenient. One thing that the university that I researched, Southern New Hampshire University, offered was a chat box on each page. Thus, any question that remained unanswered could be answered quickly and relatively anonymously.
    Considering this, though, we have to remember that people who are shopping for a university online may have “all” of their questions answered by a website, yet speaking to someone can make a huge difference in making a decision to enroll. Thus, a very welcoming and friendly web site can make a potential student feel welcome without actually talking with someone.

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