The Flipped Classroom

Flipping the classroom is a pedagogical approach in which the teacher inverts teaching so that students are more in control of the learning (Educase, 2012). The way a flipped classroom works is the teacher assigns students short videos, or lectures, to view at home so more time is spent in class on applying the content to projects, hands on activities, or classroom discussions (Educase, 2012). With being a middle school science teacher, it is sometimes hard to get students to comprehend content just by lectures and I have found that students not only get a deeper understanding of content when it is applied in a hands on activity and it keeps students more engaged.

MacMeekin (2013) gave 27 ways to flip the classroom and a lot of the ideas that were suggested were so creative and never crossed my mind. One idea that was suggested was to go on a scavenger hunt related to the topic (MacMeekin, 2013). I have found that when students are excited about learning, more work gets done. By doing a scavenger hunt it makes the work hands on, students are not doing a worksheet or reading content from a book, so this might increase the chances of the student completing the assignment.

One particular lesson that I would incorporate scavenger hunts in would be for an energy lesson on consumers and producers. Students could either draw what they find outside and create a book or take pictures using either snap chat or instagram and share them with the class explaining how each picture would be considered a consumer or a producer. I think that students would be excited to use social media for schoolwork and the scavenger hunt would be more of a hands on approach to get the students involved and excited to complete work outside of the classroom.

MacMeekin (2013) also mentioned watching a short video clip as a way to flip the classroom. I have used this approach as I have made short video lectures and uploaded them to YouTube, posted the videos on the school’s webpage and assigned them to students to watch before coming to class. I have found that students did not watch the videos before coming to class and it took away from the activities that I had planned so I started creating stations where students were required to watch the video in a station before rotating to the hands on content. I found this to be more effective than assigning the video for homework but it still took away from the concept of the flipped classroom.

The goal of the flipped classroom is to increase student’s learning by reversing the classroom model and focusing more on student understanding rather than the teacher lecturing (Acedo, 2018). Using the flipped classroom approach puts students more in control of the learning, making it easier for parents to see what is being taught in the classroom and stresses more collaboration amongst peers taking on a more student-centered approach (Acedo, 2018). I have learned that flipping the classroom takes a lot of preparation on the front end but the ending results helped me become more of a facilitator of learning as opposed to the giver of learning. This approach could only be effective if students have access to technology at home and even at school, which could make this approach complicated for some teachers. MacMeekin (2012) gave some pretty creative ways to flip the classroom and if my health allows me to, I will be using quite a few of these approaches when going back in the classroom!


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